How are the ages of the Earth and universe calculated?

The age of the earth is a central issue in creation -evolution discussions, because a young earth would not permit enough time for evolution to occur, and an old earth would contradict a literal reading of the Bible account of creation. The belief in an old earth is based on conventional dates for geological periods, which are in the hundreds of millions of years range, and are obtained by isotopic dating methods. Standard isotopic radiometric dating techniques typically yield such dates on fossil-bearing strata. There are, however, numerous disagreements between dates produced by different isotopic dating methods, and there are many cases where the dates obtained are very different from the expected ones. Furthermore, geologists are aware of a number of factors that can cause radiometric dating methods to give bad dates, and these factors are sometimes difficult to recognize. This already casts some doubt on isotopic dating methods.

Evidence against a recent creation

The American Biology Teacher 1 April ; 75 4 : — Biology textbooks tend to assert the correctness of evolutionary concepts but mention very little of the evidence that supports them. This gives the impression that evolutionary theory is poorly supported, which discourages acceptance of the theory. A case in point is the age of the Earth. Students are therefore given insufficient reason to doubt that the Earth is any older than the years that the Genesis account suggests.

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Our current scientific understanding places the age of the Universe since the Big Bang at In addition, scientists can date the age of our Solar System and Earth to about 4. In this series of blog posts, we review the scientific data that underpins these conclusions. However, there are small numbers of scientists who claim that both the Universe and the Earth are in fact more like 6, years old. As we point out, those numbers are based upon an insistence that various numbers and genealogies found in the Bible are literally true.

In this four-part series we summarize the extensive data from a number of independent sources that lead mainstream scientists to converge on the ages of the Universe and the Solar System. Then we contrast this with arguments by Young Earth Creationists.


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Thermoluminescence dating creationism.

Prior to his full-time ministry in creation science he conducted 15 years of field research in cloud physics and weather modification for the U.S.

On Tuesday night, Feb. Ham defended his view of the earth being only about 6, years old. He described how the genealogies in the Bible are added up. That’s how we reach 6, years. He disputed dating methods used to argue that the Earth is 4. But to me, this is just not reasonable.

The Toba Super Eruption, Polar Ice Cores, and Climate Change

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Thus, researchers usually “date” ice cores with theoretical models called “glacial flow models”—and these models assume evolutionary time

Creationist Comedy F. NOTE: This article incorporates revisions to the original in response to corrections and information supplied by Peter Knight, and by Sean Mewhinney via Leroy Ellenberger see e-mail message below. Revised August After describing how holes were melted into the ice until the planes were discovered feet deep, Wieland makes this curious comment: None of the discoverers had thought that the planes could possibly be buried under more than a light cover of snow and ice.

And why would they? Maybe because they didn’t bother to look at the available data for snowfall and ice accumulation for that area for the past 50 years. If they had investigated more thoroughly, they would have found that the ice in that area builds at a rate averaging 7 feet per year. Dr Wieland next proceeds to leap from the merely curious to the astonishing: After all, the impression the general public has is that the build up of glacial ice takes very long time periods – thousands of years for just a few metres.

Since when is “the impression the general public has” considered a valid basis for science or anything but the impressions of the general public? Wieland at first seems to be somewhat aware of that as he continues: In fact, ice cores in Greenland are used for dating, based on the belief that layers containing varying isotope ratios were laid down, somewhat like the rings of a tree, over many tens of thousands of years.

Young Earth Creationism, Part I

Annually banded glacial ice exposed in a crevasse. Combined, these characteristics make ice cores one of the most precise geological archives of the Late Quaternary. When the stable-isotope data from Greenland were first published, the researchers immediately noticed a sharp negative peak at approximately 8, years ago.

Amazingly, the timing of this event is identical between ice cores within uncertainty , no matter what part of Greenland you look at.

When one hears the word “creationism,” it spawns thoughts of a literal six-day creation that has plagued young-earth creationism is the results of radiometric dating, The Frozen Record: Examining the Ice Core History of the Greenland and.

T he creation scientists at the website of the Institute for Creation Research ICR — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom, are giving us another example of what we call the Creationist Scientific Method :. It was written by Jake Hebert. They say he received his Ph. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [ like this ]:.

The team hopes to salvage the plane in He says:. After encountering a severe snowstorm, all eight planes were forced to make an emergency landing in southeast Greenland. The pilots were rescued, but the planes were abandoned and eventually buried beneath years of accumulating snow and ice. The first P was recovered from the ice back in August

Creation science

A common way to address creationist beliefs is to tell or show students that there are a lot of different ways to look at rocks and Earth history, but that the class will focus only on the scientific viewpoint Havholm, , Wise For ethical, and often, legal reasons, you shouldn’t attack anyone’s religious beliefs. Scientific theories are secular beliefs, and if your students choose to disagree with those beliefs, they are entitled to their opinions.

Science classes are generally not an appropriate place to discuss theology.

Paul H. Seely has written a rebuttal to creationist’s ice sheet and ice core of the ice age, provides the timescale for ice cores by dating such events as the.

Earth scientists have devised many complementary and consistent techniques to estimate the ages of geologic events. Annually deposited layers of sediments or ice document hundreds of thousands of years of continuous Earth history. Gradual rates of mountain building, erosion of mountains, and the motions of tectonic plates imply hundreds of millions of years of change. Radiometric dating, which relies on the predictable decay of radioactive isotopes of carbon, uranium, potassium, and other elements, provides accurate age estimates for events back to the formation of Earth more than 4.

Historians love to quote the dates of famous events in human history. They recount days of national loss and tragedy like December 7, and September 11, And they remember birthdays: July 4, and, of course, February 12, the coincident birthdays of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. We trust the validity of these historic moments because of the unbroken written and oral record that links us to the not-so-distant past.

But how can we be sure of those age estimates? Earth scientists have developed numerous independent yet consistent lines of evidence that point to an incredibly old Earth.

Ice Cores & the Ice Age – Michael Oard, Larry Vardiman & Jim Mason

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