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Original version that made this amp history. Made in ’91! If you know your stuff, you know that these sound a million times better than the latest 3-channel version. Toured but in great shape and sounding bestial with its set of JJ 6L6 power tubes. Note: At this point the 2 additional rectifier tubes are not set up in this amp. Most people use the more modern sounding silicon diode instead. Package with great sounding angled cabinet. Authentically rock ‘n roll.

When was my amp made?

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Great musicians from all styles were mixing it up in this counter-culture epicenter where young musical explorers were becoming pop icons overnight. While a musical revolution was raging across the Golden Gate, a young Randall Smith was doing some serious sonic pioneering. With a rich musical background and a love for tube-based electronics, Smith was working diligently toward a high gain revolution of his own in guitar amplifiers.

Often using noteworthy clients from his amp repair business as test pilots, one day Randall had a breakthrough. He quickly went home, perfected the idea, and called upon local hero Carlos Santana to plug in and give it a spin. Every product is hand-built in Petaluma, California and our artisans are tenured with an average of 15 years at their post, many for MUCH longer.

As you discover our contributions to the art of amplifier design and journey through our product line at mesaboogie. In , celebrating our 50th anniversary, we return to our roots with a focus of capturing the magical elements of vintage tone and the tweed based circuitry that inspired Randall from the beginning. Focused on pure, vintage tweed tone, the speaker selection process for the new series was extremely challenging.

Mesa boogie dual rectifier serial number dating

Around this time, there was a plethora of guitar players who were looking for something more than what was available. Something more than what Fender, Vox or Marshall was making. Something beyond an amp only overdriving at really high volume levels. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

I’m looking online at a mid 90’s black face 2 channel Dual Rectifier I love the sound of my 3-ch head and use it for live dates because it is so.

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There’s a serial ‘s on the dual rectifier. Fantastic sounding and recently serviced s mesa boogie dual rectifier small logo the date anywhere.

“Holy grail” Mesa/Boogie Rectifier transformers?

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Dating Mesa Boogie Images Gallery “Dating Mesa Boogie” ( pics): When was my amp made?.

You have selected the. Serial number locations have changed on the many different models over the decades but in the last 20 years the location and format has remained fairly consistent. The serial number of your amp is always going to be attached to this part of your amplifier. The cabinet is the wood enclosure in which the chassis gets mounted. The cabinet is most often covered in vinyl with the exception of cabinets that are custom and covered in leather or custom hardwood cabs, or, rack mounted amplifiers.

On almost all post guitar combo and head amps, the serial number decal will be on the underside of the amplifier chassis near the edge of the back panel, usually on one side or the other not in the middle. Most of the time, the serial number is also close to the AC in jack. Depending on the amp model and cabinet, the serial number decal can sometimes obscured by rear panels or other cabinet parts.

Laying the amp on its face on a flat surface often provides a better angle to see the serial number decal. Other amps may require the use of a flashlight, a small mirror held inside the cab or other visual aids to achieve a good enough angle to see the decal.

The Boogie Board

Mesa Boogie amplifiers are difficult to determine the age of, compared with other brands. The serial numbers indicate only the production order of the amp within the series. There is no date information coded into the serial number. In addition, Mesa Boogie makes a large number of special orders for amplifiers, so the presence or exclusion of features is not an indication of the production year. Mesa Boogie produces about 1, amplifiers a year, which can be used to refine the estimate slightly more.

Divide the serial number of the Mesa Boogie amp by 1,

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Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five

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The most accurate IR representation for the MESA/Boogie Rectifier® 1×12 Cabinet available to date, approved and fully endorsed by the company that brings.

Forgot your password? By E , August 22, in Amps. Hey, does anyone know how to use the serial number on an older two channel duel rectifier to find the year it was manufactured? Thanks in advance. Start out with a few roses and a little note. I don’t know the correct answer, but I’ve never had a bad experience calling Mesa Boogie.

Their customer service it top notch. And especially with a rectumfrier, make sure to use plenty o’ lube. She’ll enjoy it more and you’ll have a better shot at a second date! Sorry Hopefully you get the answer.. Their serial number is in numerable order. For example I have a R Meaning it’s the 64th Recto made from Mesa Boogie.

US5168438A – Selectable dual rectifier power supply for musical amplifier – Google Patents

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Original version that made this amp history. Made in ’91! If you know your stuff, you know that these sound a million times better than the latest 3-channel version​.

The present invention relates to electronic amplifiers for musical instruments, particularly guitar, as well as electronic amplifiers for playback of recorded musical media, and more particularly relates to power rectifier circuits for such amplifiers. Music is one of the most subjective of all areas. Enhancement of the musical experience–whether playing or listening–depends upon numerous subjective and objective factors, and the number of relevant factors increases greatly when the art of electronic amplification is involved.

Music aficionados–and particularly guitar players–have long sought variations in electronic techniques which enhance the aesthetic experience of the musician and the listener. One of the areas in which numerous electronic techniques have been tried for enhancement of the musical experience is the use of vacuum tube amplifiers instead of, in addition to, or in conjunction with solid state amplifiers.

Many musicians remain firmly convinced that the tube amplifier provides a superior sound for many types of music, despite the proliferation of solid state devices throughout the music industry. While the desirable sonic characteristics of tube amplifiers for guitars are well known, power supplies for such amplifiers have long been considered sonically neutral. As a result, the typical guitar amplifier provides solid state rectification of AC to DC due to the lower cost and generally greater reliability of the solid state device compared to its thermionic counterpart.

At the same time, many “vintage” instrument amplifiers are much sought after for their ability to recreate the sounds and musical styles of various bygone eras. Unfortunately, such vintage amplifiers typically have deteriorated with age and have become unreliable to the extent that use of such vintage devices is unacceptable. Even in those instances where the performance is satisfactory when measured against the original specifications for the equipment, musicians frequently find that such equipment is extremely limited by today’s standards of versatility.

Likewise, the equipment is limited to producing only one style of music at one particular volume, for it was most likely under those particular conditions that a landmark recording was made and an identifiable and sought after tone produced.

Recto – WTE

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It has been in operation since Smith’s modifications gave the small amps much more input gain, making them much louder as well as creating a high-gain, distorted guitar tone. Randall Smith was born into a musical family in Berkeley, California in His mother and sister played piano and his father was the first-chair clarinet with the Oakland Symphony Orchestra, played tenor sax, had a radio show and led a hotel dance band.

Smith believes all of his early musical experiences taught him how to hear tone. As a young Boy Scout , Smith was interested in earning a merit badge in woodcarving.

Modern Classics – Mesa Dual Rectifier Rev G

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